Category: Levels 1-4


An intrepid young kobold by the name of Grubber has managed, through a mixture of luck and guile, to seize control of a town’s magical protectors: several suits of animated armor. The town now cowers beneath her tyrannical rule, as the misguided new mayor attempts to “improve” the town.

The Brightblade

A powerful artifact designed to destroy a cult to demons attempts to reason with or forcibly control its wielder to achieve its foul ends. The ambitious could forge a pact with it for power… but at what cost?

Silver For Monsters

A grieving artificer whose family was slain by a vicious werebeast has created the perfect anti-werebeast defense system: a silver golem.

Potion Seller

A resourceful and courageous goblin “inventor” named Grobnaz has obtained a large number of alchemy ingredients (via perfectly legal channels, of course) and is mixing them more or less at random, then trying to sell them to passing adventurers. You never know what you’re going to get.